Hot Lead and Laser Fire: The Cataphract

Longshoremen of The Virtual

The Cataphract, its name is derived from Greek word for armoured or completely enclosed. A very apt name I think, for one of Mechwarrior: Online’s most widely used Mechs. It is also my personal favorite Mech, I have elite unlocked on my Cataphracts and I pilot mine on a regular basis.Cataphract Concept

There are current 4 variants of the Cataphract on the market and a Hero Variant called the Ilya Muromet, and at 70 tons the Cataphract is currently the heaviest Mech in the heavy category. The Cataphract is primarily a ballistic/energy Mech, every variant has at least 1 ballistic weapon port mounted somewhere on the Mech. All “phracts” perform well as front line brawlers, but can be refitted into filling almost any role on the battlefield from support to sniping.

I will be splitting the series into 4 parts with the first 3 covering the CTF-1X, CTF-2X and CTF-3D respectively. Basically…

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